The KARMA Movement

The KARMA Movement

We believe you will agree with us when we say:

Global issues cannot be addressed with your arms folded.


Well, one can definitely spread awareness and have a significant impact with very little effort.

But we are not here to discuss that. Karmikh is on a mission towards a sustainable future where carbon offsetting is the name of the game.

To achieve our mission, we need your help. Even though we are already carbon-neutral, we want to up the game and make even larger impacts.

How? The KARMA Movement. It will provide you with some tips and tricks for reducing pollution, wastage, and your daily carbon footprint.

So, what is the KARMA Movement?

KARMA is an acronym that stands for Karmikh Awareness Raising Measures and Actions. To put it simply, the KARMA Movement is about bringing change, a much-needed change in our lives. A change that can solve global issues like Climate Change, Pollution, Resource Wastage, Poverty, and Unemployment.

Is it easy? Absolutely not.

Is it possible? Absolutely.

For starters, it is something we have been doing since the beginning of mankind.

Planting of trees. Yes, it is simple, yet we are not doing it enough. GlobeNewswire claims that if a person successfully plants only six trees in a month, it can suffice for carbon emissions.

Planting a Million Trees

Plants take care of us, and we must return the favour now.

Rapid deforestation is a global issue, and if we keep ignoring it, by 2050 we will lose over 230 million hectares of forest. WWF also predicted that the deforestation rate must be reduced to zero by 2020 to overcome climate change and other global issues.

Land Affected By Deforestation

We decided to take charge of this major issue. For each item made at Karmikh, we offset the carbon emissions by preventing wastage, preventing chemicals, planting trees and more. Karmikh is not stopping, nor should you.

You can plant six trees in a month to reduce your carbon footprint, if it sounds too much, plant as many as you can. Karmikh also offers a ‘Thank You’ card with every purchase which contains 4-6 saplings inside it.

Educate your loved ones on climate change and, together, we can beat deforestation and even save our planet.

Impacting a Million Lives

At Karmikh, we have taken an initiative with the help of various organisations and NGOs that have been bringing significant positive changes over the past decade. Our mission is to initiate research and promote education, sensitisation, and advocacy toward ecological preservation.

Our partners in this mission are well known for their efforts in Tree Plantation, Forest Creation, Water Rejuvenation, Waste Management, and Solar Interventions throughout India.

Karmikh is on the mission to not only fight Climate change but improve the lives of hundreds of farmers through the usage of the above-mentioned processes, but, most importantly, chemical-free and organic processes. Unlike inorganic processes, it uses no pesticides and provides farmers with a healthy environment to work in.

From Crop to Cloth, it’s all Organic!

Karmikh has grown more than 1,000 trees so far, and we believe that with you, we will achieve our goal of bringing large scale Climate Change solutions to over ten million hectares of land and water bodies. 

Upscaled Agroforestry

Agroforestry is the process of planting fruit and timber saplings with farmers on their farmlands. It is also called the “Farmer’s Project” and acts as an income source for farmers. We chose this technique as farmers act as the frontline of defence against climate change and improve their lifestyle from the fruit-bearing saplings.

The saplings planted by us are Mango, Jamun, Sweet Lime, Teak, Sapota, Anjur, Cashew, Nilgiri, Pomegranate, and more.

Managing a Million Waste

To reduce emissions even further, you can simply donate your old clothes by visiting (link) instead of dumping them. It has been found that 18.6 million tonnes of clothing items are discarded every year and end up in landfills.

After you donate your old clothes, we will recycle them and turn them into new and beautiful clothes. They will stay where they deserve, with you.

According to CALPIRG, the fashion industry accounts for 10% of global carbon emissions. If even one piece of clothing is recycled from every wardrobe, that’s roughly 8 billion.

Now, recycled clothes do reduce pollution, and it’s just one of many global issues. For addressing the others, making sustainable choices is the key. Pair your recycling game with sustainable materials and you’ll reduce the wastage of water by 91%.

According to hercircle, Polyester takes around 20 to 200 years to decompose and, unfortunately, it is derived from petroleum, the largest polluting industry in the world. 

GOTS certified Organic Cotton 

Keeping sustainability in focus, Karmikh uses only GOTS-certified Organic Cotton and Eco-Friendly Modal Fabric, which takes as little as five months to decompose.

It’s Organic!

Karmikh Label

Why? The list of advantages is immense. It is – deep breath – pollution-free, carbon-neutral, vegan, cruelty-free, ethical, durable, comfortable, breathable, versatile, lightweight, and eco-friendly. Phew.

You are already ahead of the game by taking complete control of your wardrobe. Recycling old clothes and buying sustainable materials reduce your carbon footprint significantly.

It is time to make ethical choices and wear them with pride.

Join the Movement

The KARMA Movement does not stop at Step X. It’s meant to motivate you to a position where you find innovative ways to have a positive impact on lives and our planet alike. We wish to reach a place where you can even motivate others.

With just one purchase, you can make the following impacts:

  • Plant up to 4 saplings from our packaging itself, and help us in planting thousands more.
  • Elevate the lives of over hundreds of farmers. Since we are promoting organic and eco-friendly Fabrics 
  • Support at least one year of Agroforestry practices.
  • Prevent over 3.5 kg of Carbon Emissions.
  • Save at least 50 litres of water .

Apart from planting one tree for every four purchases, our Agroforestry initiatives, and Farmers Lifestyle Improvements Initiatives helps us in saving the planet.

It is safe to say that we are not only eco-friendly but also ethical. At Karmikh, we have witnessed the harsh reality of farmers’ and workers’ living conditions. SustainYourStyle reveals some of the most common problems faced by workers: Lack of legal rights, hazardous working conditions, unfair wages, long working hours, health risks, child labour, forced labour, and low living standards

We have created a workforce completely opposite to the one above. Karmikh procures fabrics only from GOTS certified and Fair Trade certified vendors. This way, we ensure that the workers are living a better lifestyle with proper pay, enjoying health benefits, and working fair hours.

Exposure to harmful chemicals is a common issue faced by workers in the clothing industry. We looked into it and made the decision to design almost chemical-free apparel. 

Going chemical-free has not only helped us to reduce our carbon footprint but also gives workers a chance to unleash their skills in a safe environment. If you are interested in finding out more about the magicians behind your favourite clothes, explore About Us.

Steps towards Sustainability

To further ensure sustainability, we have taken some steps. 

When you place an order, you get packaging along with the product. This packaging is used all over the world for every item that’s delivered, but every item used in our packaging is reusable and bio-degradable too.

You even get a bag that can be used for carrying small items, ideal for casual grocery runs. You get a lot of items while making a purchase—a mailer, a card, a few tags with the product, and more.

Trust us when we say: Every item in the packaging is reusable and bio-degradable.

However, we are not disclosing how to use every item or what purposes they may have. We want you to feel involved in this mission and not just another task on your “to-do list.” If you are getting something other than the product, it is still going to be something that you can use daily.

Karma movement- KARMIKH Thank you card

A little hint: The Thank You card is made of seeds and can be planted.

Visit our Instagram @karmikh_official to learn how everyone is reusing daily items, and that includes everything in our packaging too. Use #forkarmamovement to get featured on our page and join The KARMA Movement.


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