Make an eco-friendly choice for yourself this 2023

About Us

Why Karmikh ?

Karmikh is born and raised in India. We are an ethical brand and a community embracing slow fashion. Would you believe that a single pair of jeans can consume up to 7,000 liters of water? We looked closely into more numbers and felt the same, and that feeling gave birth to KARMA (Karmikh Awareness Rising Measures and Actions). 

As the name suggests, we focus on one issue at a time and take a step closer to an eco-friendly future. The Karmikh community spreads awareness about conscious shopping and is a major part of our story. We are thankful to all members for supporting us in this mission. It’s time for you to join the movement.  


It’s really simple: the road towards sustainability starts with us. The fashion industry produces 13 million tonnes of waste every year, and change can only come with you. Shop consciously, support ethical brands, avoid fast fashion, reuse, recycle, and so on.  

The Karmikh Impact

Spread the good news and make more people aware of and follow the practices of KARMA Movement.

Trees Planted


Carbon Footprint Reduced​


Water Saved

Karmikh Values

Karmikh clothes are meant to be reused and worn for years to reduce pollution of water and prevent stuffing in landfills. ‘Buy less, enjoy longer’ — the fabrics we use are organic cotton, which is more durable, comfortable, and takes around five months to decompose. 

We intend to set standards for sustainability and increase awareness. Our goal is to make fashion sustainable without cutting off the fun part. Find sick designs that are timeless and meant to be worn with pride.  

Karmikh is free from child labor, forced labor, and underpay, and the working conditions are safe and healthy. 

Your contribution helps us not only do good but feel good. We believe that we must share this feeling and invite you to join us on this mission. 

Drop your mail here to learn more about sustainable and healthy living.

Our Packaging

Our packaging is made of paper and cloth that are easily biodegradable. Most importantly, the materials used in our products are either 100% Organic Cotton or 50% OC-50% Modal, which is environmentally friendly.   Our hangtags are meant to be used as bookmarks, the wrappers could be re-used for wrapping some food items , and for the rest of it, go creative. Find exciting ways of reusing our packaging on our Instagram , we would love to hear your story too.